Our freshman Intermediate Orchestra musicians are enrolled in a year long class. Usually by the spring concert, they are proficient enough to join the Advanced Orchestra students in performance. There are four concert performances throughout the year in the Performing Arts Theater. Our string group is especially adept at performing the original works of history’s greatest composers.

The top members of our orchestra form the Pit Orchestra each spring, combining with the entire performing arts department in the production of Broadway musicals. Our Pit Orchestra has recognized as the best pit orchestra for the trifecta The Spirit of the Macy award for Best Orchestra, Cappies Best Orchestra, and Best Student Orchestra JRAY (John Raitt Awards for Youth)
22 times in the last 23 years!!

Every spring the Intermediate and Advanced Orchestra combine to participate in the Saddleback College Festival.
The purpose of the Festival, consistent with the four components in the California State Framework, is to help evaluate aesthetic perception (perceptual and conceptual development), creative expression (musical skills development), musical heritage (historical and cultural), and aesthetic valuing. Groups do not compete with each other; ratings are given. These include Superior (1), Excellent (2), Good (3), Fair (4), and Poor (5). A high standard is set by experienced music educators; however the rating received is not as important as the learning process that has preceded the performance.

Our orchestras consistently receive superior ratings. Our string Orchestra performs in Disneyland at Music in the Parks every year, and also at Segerstrom Hall. In March of 2017, the full symphony Orchestra performed at Carnegie Hall!