What is SCRIP?

We all buy groceries and gas, go out to eat or go to the movies, and shop. Why not fund-raise while you shop?    With our SCRIP program,  you can buy  gift cards (SCRIP) for restaurants, grocery stores, retail stores, gas stations, and common services at face value.  You then receive a rebate percentage of the total value and this rebate is applied directly to your student’s Fair Share Contribution.

How much can I make using Scrip?

It depends on how often you purchase and the payback percentages for each of the merchants. One average family last year spent $10,180 on their standard purchases (grocery stores, gasoline, restaurants, and retail stores) and received $480 back in savings to offset their Fair Share Contributions for the year!  Recognize that buying SCRIP is not a one-time deal. It will only add up if you are a regular participant.  For example, if you

Spend $600/month at these groceries for six months,
at 4% rebate you make $144.

Spend $100/month at dining/coffee establishments for six months,
at 7% rebate you make $42.

Spend $500 one time for back-to-school clothes and supplies at these retailers,
at 7% rebate you make $35.

Spend $200/mo for six months from these gas stations,
at 2% rebate you make $24.

Spend big money on new furniture, remodeling the kitchen,
or repainting your favorite room, and receive an average  rebate of 5%.

Even more money can be made from future travel purchases,
like flights and hotels even car rentals and Uber!

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How Do I Actually Purchase SCRIP?

First you have to  fill out the scrip signup form and drop it off at a Monday Night Practice, or  email   Thom Griffith. Once signed up, you will receive a family login name (mv-your last name) and a temporary password. You can then go to the Great Lakes scrip website and place your order.  Instructions for using the website are located on the sign-up sheet.

Once order, the actual gift card will be available for pick up the following week. For the fall marching band season, orders can be picked up on Monday nights between 7 and 8:30 pm. The cutoff time for online orders is 9:00 pm on Monday nights. Orders entered by this time will be available for pick-up the following Monday at Monday Night Practice. Orders received after the cutoff not be availble until the the second Monday following the order date. Payment is due upon pick-up and must be cash or check (made payable to MVHSIMBA).  You can also pay online at the time of ordering.

SCRIP offerings and payback percentages change often. Click here to see the latest Scrip Master Retailer List.

Questions? Please email Thom Griffith.